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A small porcelain vase that showcases a single stem, branch, straw of grass, or leaf in its most transparent form.

Material: porcelain, black matte copper & smoked cork
Size:  D:150mm H:165mm

Fill the vase with water by simply removing the smoked cork.

“I really wanted to imitate the way wild plants grow in nature.”
— Eva Levin

Consilium captures this concept and brings it indoors, with a small copper storm and cork neck that helps support the plant’s stem.

Since its creation, Consilium was nominated for the Formidable Design Award at the 2014 Formex Exhibition in Stockholm. Soon after, a special edition vase was designed in collaboration with the Modern Museum for Art in Stockholm. 

Consilium's terracotta option is an earthen material and brings the design closer to nature's raw form.