a selection of mugs from the hkliving colourful 70s collection sat on a kitchen worktop with terracotta tiles int he background another selection of hkliving mugs available from north home in the uk inclduing showing off all the colours of the rainbow that are bound to bring great joy every day guy with a slight moustache drinking his morning coffee from a blue and white hkliving 70s collection mug a size chart to help you pick the right size of mug when choosing between the different ranges available at north home from hk living uk the bliue and white of the cosmos mug Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving Coffee Mug, HKliving with waves forming around the outside in brown, beige, and grey and a light brown inside in a less bright version on this 70s ceramics coffee cup from hkliving with a burst of colours from stripes of orange and pink and an inside green, a coffee mug that sparks joy with a morning coffee from hkliving in 70s colours a single coffee cup with swirls of colour on the outside that looks almost like trees or thistles in greens and browns with colourful 70s joy Coffee Mug, HKliving hk living coffee cup design hail which has the look of hail and rain as it spatters on a windscreen blocking your view before the winscreen wipers clear your view of the way ahead with blues greens and greys, a brown orange rim, and a beige inside
Coffee Mug, HKliving £7.95
An all-time favourite - the old-fashioned drip, the trendy Americano or the perfect slow coffee. The coffee mugs have a 180 capacity, so more than enough to fill your beloved mug. Thanks to the earthy elements and natural colours, this is the most relaxed range in the retro 70s ceramic collection from HKliving. The exciting colour compositions and textured, hand-finished surfaces make each piece unique. Material: Stoneware Differences may appear: Due to the hand glazing, differences may appeal Dimensions: 7,5x7,5x8cm Product diameter (cm): 7.5 Product capacity (ml): 180 Food safe: Yes Microwave proof: Yes Dishwasher proof: Yes
Spoon Black/Brown Spoon Black/Brown Spoon Black/Brown Spoon Black/Brown
House Doctor
Spoon Black/Brown £6.95
The spoon is made of porcelain and comes with a reactive glaze. During the burning process, a reaction happens in the glaze, hence the name. The result is a dark colour with a bit of shimmer and some depth to it. Use the spoon from House Doctor to scoop up the whipped cream on your hot cocoa or stir your tea to cool it down. You can of course combine the spoon with the other dark cups from House Doctor as well. Also available in grey/white. Due to the matt texture of the glaze, scratches might occur over time as you use your Pion item. This simply adds to the charm and rugged appeal of the design.
a table laid out with a number of crockery pieces from the colourful hk living 70s collection including the butter dish mugs and glasses. the door in the background is disturbingly a jar. Meteor butter dish with its orange top cover and light green base the mercury butter dish with it's pink, brown, and green layered lid from hk living meteor butter dish with it's orange top and green base plate a collection of 70s inspired crockery now available in the uk through north home including a raised cake plate and of course the orange meteor butter dish from hk living the metoer butter dish from hk living showing the green base plate and an upturned top lid showing the dark brown colour inside the meteor buter dish with an pturned base plate showing it is the same colour on its under side. another stunning piece from hklivings 70s collection close up of the orange and brown lid and the button handle of the meteor butter dish the mercury butter dish with its pink purple, brown, and green lid and deep brown base showing an upturned lid of the mercury butter dish and its white inside close up of the lid of the mercury butter dish's lid and its almost shimmering purple and green mercury butter dish with upturned base picture showing the joy to be gained from a few colourful pieces of crockery from north home and hk living uk 70s butter dish and 70s coffee pot in bright colours that just start your day right. sprak joy with hk living and north home the colourful joyful 70s collection including the mercury butter dish
Butter Dish from HKliving 70s Ceramics £34.95
70s ceramics butter dish Dinner is served! But not without HK living's Retro butter dish. Keep your fresh butter cool and give your table a nostalgic feel at the same time. A wooden butter knife is just the thing to give the look an extra lift Material: Stoneware Dimensions: 15,5x12x7,5cm Food safe: Yes Microwave proof: Yes Dishwasher proof: Yes
a stack of 4 different hkliving 70s colleection cappuccino mugs a kitchen set-up with a range of items form hklivings 70s collection including bowls and mugs with a ready brewed kettle, dish of sugar and kitchen kives hanging on the wall behind with orange, black, shades of brown it's like a fun cersion of the fires of hell this aptly named 'grass' cappuccino mug is darker green at the bottom rising to a lighter, more dappled green at the top a handled mug from hkliving called hail looks like its raining and hailing heavily outside and it's sticking your window causing a streaky look to the outside world: streaks of creamy beige block the green of the foliage in your garden allowing apockets of blury visibility chart showing how the different mugs from hkliving differ in size and shape a stack of different pieces from hkliving's 70s collection from plates and pasta bowls to mugs and espresso cups in miriad colours : stacked like a tree, I've no idea how it's staying upright rock cappuccino mug from hkliving is reminicent of the kind of rock you'd crack open in the hope of finding a fossil with dark brown around the bottom, a ring of dark grey round the middle, and lighter speckeled grey around the top half a kitchen set-up again but with a lovely white marble counter top sitting on black cupboards. A large window to the back of the image really sets off the bright colours of the crockery laid out about Cappuccino Mugs: HKliving, 70s Collection Cappuccino Mugs: HKliving, 70s Collection Cappuccino Mugs: HKliving, 70s Collection Cappuccino Mugs: HKliving, 70s Collection
Cappuccino Mugs: HKliving, 70s Collection £9.95
These Cappuccino Mugs from HK are a little bigger than the Americano mugs: more to get your hands round on a cold day or just for that soothing moment. Just when you thought HK Living's 70s ceramics collection couldn’t get any better, they decided to expand it with new handmade finishes and layers of colours to help keep your cabinetry as funky as ever. Indulge in your ultimate coffee experience with our new americano, ristretto, latte and cappuccino mugs! Long for the days you just want to lounge and have a cup of tea, or small for when you want to kickstart your day with an americano. Dimensions: 12x9,5x8,5cm Product diameter (cm): 8.5 Product capacity (ml): 300 Food safe: Yes Microwave proof: Yes Dishwasher proof: Yes
Japanese Yunomi Mug Set Japanese Yunomi Mug Set Japanese Yunomi Mug Set
Japanese Yunomi Mug Set £45.00
A set of 4 Japanese yunomi mugs in different colours from HK Living. The tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony inspired HK Living to create this range of earthy tableware. All items in the Kyoto ceramics family are hand-finished, which gives them this quirky unique look

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