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Monday - Saturday 10am- 6pm

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Tel:  0113 345 4880

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We are here with the mission, to curate a unique interior for people to feel at home! With the above in mind, we look for designers whose products are inspired by traditional and usable designs while respecting their history but always giving them a modern look and feel. 

Timeless design is a core belief for us as we are not into fast trends or throw-away culture, we believe that an item should last a lifetime - or very close!" "we're too poor to buy cheap things" - Kamil's Grandma

We hope you agree.

our story

Nordic Interiors, Your style, Your way.


northhome started out as a shelf of products in Fint, an independent restaurant in Leeds until owners Kamil and Simon were asked so often by diners if they could buy Fint’s crockery we began taking orders.


Our online shop launched in June 2020, with an independent brick-and-mortar shop now open in its new location - Vicar Lane, Leeds. 

We believe in hand-picking timeless interiors from top-quality Nordic brands that you couldn’t find on the high street until now! 


With this in mind, we curate from and work with brands such as Made in Japan, HK Living, Aida, Serax, Nordal Denmark, and House Doctor.


"We hope that our curated products will continue to spark joy for our customers from taking their first sip of coffee in the morning to their home-cooked dinner at night."


Kamil Owner - northhome

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northhome is a small company

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