Unveiling the Essence of Iceland: Fischersund

At north home, we're thrilled to introduce Fischersund, the Icelandic perfumery and art collective, to Leeds and the UK. They're much more than that though, rather creating an immersive experience with each fragrance. Let's embark on a sensory journey and discover the unique family and the products that make up Fischersund.

Unveiling the Essence of Iceland: Fischersund

I've been promising this blog post for ages as I can't wait to introduce you more fully to Fischersund: you may not be familiar with the name but you may know those behind it. 

From the hand gathered Icelandic herbs, hand-crafted fragrances [well, I suppose I should say 'nose-crafted'], hand-poured candles, and hand finished storage tins, Fischersund is a brand you're going to want to get to know a bit closer.

At north home, we're so pleased to be able to bring Fischersund, the Icelandic perfumery and art collective to Leeds, and the UK and are eager to share with you a bit more about this brand and the creatives within.

icelandic herbs hanging to dry for fischersund fragrances

Fischersund is an invitation to embark on a sensory journey as they intertwine the artistic expressions of the family behind it.

Founded in 2017, this family-run haven in downtown Reykjavík is more than a perfume shop — it's an immersive experience, a celebration of Icelandic nature, and a showcase of the soulful creations of siblings Jónsi [of Sigur Ros fame], Lilja, Sigurrós, Inga Birgis, and their partners Sindri and Kjartan.

Crafting Fragrance as Art and Music Interaction

a fischersund scented candle in its blackened galss jar and burning within a crafted landscape that is both clearly of iceland with its dark black sand and rocks, twigs, and white foliage but also otherworldly and spiritual

"Our immediate contact with life, inside and outside the body, is the sensory experience that precedes the articulation of thought." This philosophy is at the heart of Fischersund's creations, where scents are not just perfumes but a symphony of memories. Each fragrance is a harmonious composition of nostalgia, poetry, and music: echoing the interconnectedness of scent and sound.

Fischersund Fragrance Products: Inspired by Icelandic Nature

fragrances frozen in time and held within encapsulating resin blocks lined up on dark shelves almost with light coming from within

Fischersund draws inspiration from the clean, unique nature of Iceland. Their fragrance products are crafted with wild herbs and oils harvested from the Icelandic countryside, using environmentally friendly solutions. From tarred smoky woods to crisp citrus, rhubarb, and Icelandic herbs, each scent creates a layered sensory wardrobe, capturing the essence of Iceland.

A Glimpse Behind the Scenes: The Family and the Process

the artistic board of Fischersund are stood in a dark wood room, including siblings Jónsi of Sigur Ros fame, Lilja, Sigurrós and Inga Birgis, along with Sindri and Kjartan Holm

The artistic board of Fischersund, led by Jónsi, the nose of Fischersund and frontman of Sigur Rós, along with Lilja, Sigurrós, Inga Birgis, Sindri, and Kjartan. This family of artists and artisans shapes the unique music, perfume, photographs, digital art, and fine art that define Fischersund.

Creating a Fischersund scent is an immersive journey that demands time, patience, and humility. The process involves sourcing oils and materials, figuring out the heart of the scent, and a continuous cycle of trying, testing, and refining. The result is a collection of scents that evoke joy and challenge, each spray revealing a world of olfactory wonder.

Six Fragrances, Infinite Discoveries

fischersund no. 23 fragrance bottle stood in a crafted icelandic setting of trees and moss

Fischersund offers a total of six fragrances, each a unique composition inspired by the clean, unique nature of Iceland. From the tarred smoky woods to the crisp citrus, rhubarb, and Icelandic herbs, each scent is a chapter in the sensory story of Iceland.

Each 150ml bottle is hand-wrapped in a sustainable bandana featuring imaginative illustrations inspired by the individual scent.

In addition to the 50ml spray bottles, Fischersund offers a 10g solid fragrance option—an olfactory masterpiece in a compact form. Perfect for those on the go, the solid fragrance ensures you can carry the essence of Iceland wherever you wander.

The Artistry of Fischersund Discovery Sets

fischersund discovery sets stood on a very black icelandic rock

Picture this: a set of three 5ml spray bottles, each containing a different Fischersund fragrance. It's not just a collection; it's an olfactory symphony, allowing you to immerse yourself in the diverse scents that define Fischersund's artistry. The discovery sets offer a chance to explore beyond a single scent, providing an opportunity to seamlessly switch between these olfactory chapters, creating a layered and personalized sensory wardrobe

each fischersund discovery set is held within a handfinished tin

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