Timeless Elegance: Discover the Iconic World of 366 Concept

366 Concept: Blending mid-century design heritage with Scandinavian simplicity for timeless, handcrafted furniture.
366 concept sideboard and stefan chair in a front room setting

Mid-century modern design, with its clean lines, elegant shapes, and enduring appeal, is back in a big way. Among the brands leading this design revival is 366 Concept, a Polish company passionately dedicated to handcrafted furniture that embodies the spirit of this iconic era.

366 concept dining table and dining chairs

A Legacy of Mid-Century Modern Design

The Mid-Century Modern design movement emerged in the post-war era, emphasizing functionality, simplicity, and timeless beauty. 366 Concept draws inspiration from this design movement, meticulously restoring and recreating authentic mid-century pieces that bring a touch of vintage sophistication to modern homes.

366 concept mid century sideboard

The Art of Handcrafted Furniture

366 Concept believes that the beauty of furniture lies in the touch of human hands. Unlike mass-produced pieces, each item is built with individual care. Skilled artisans shape the solid wood frames, meticulously selecting and cutting premium woods like oak, beech, and ash for their beauty and durability. The upholstery process is equally intricate, as fabrics are precisely cut and fitted, ensuring flawless finishes. This dedication to handcraftsmanship imbues each 366 Concept piece with a unique character and soul.

366 concept mid century marble topped coffee tables and 3 seater sofa

Spotlight on Fabrics, Finishes, and Sustainability

366 Concept offers a stunning selection of fabrics and wood finishes to personalize your furniture. Discover plush velvets, textured bouclés, and classic woven fabrics in an array of colors and patterns. The company carefully sources its materials, prioritizing quality and a commitment to sustainability whenever possible. The natural beauty of wood shines through with carefully chosen stains and finishes that highlight the unique grain of each piece. 366 Concept understands the importance of responsible manufacturing, and they strive to minimize their environmental impact throughout the production process.

366 concept lounge chair and foot stool

Celebrating an Iconic Designer

The story of 366 Concept is intertwined with Józef Chierowski, a visionary Polish designer whose most famous creation was the 366 Armchair. His simple yet elegant design became a symbol of Polish mid-century modernism. 366 Concept honors his legacy and expands upon it, offering a curated collection of his designs alongside those of other talented mid-century creators.

kids size 366 concept chairs

Bringing Timeless Designs with Scandinavian Flair to Your Home

366 Concept, while rooted in Polish design, draws inspiration from the clean lines and functionality of Scandinavian design. Their furniture seamlessly blends mid-century aesthetics with minimalist Scandinavian principles, creating a look that's both sophisticated and inviting. Whether you're a devoted fan of Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian simplicity, or simply appreciate enduring design, 366 Concept has something special for your space. Explore their captivating collection and discover furniture that balances vintage charm with contemporary functionality. Visit our website or the official 366 Concept website to start envisioning these timeless pieces in your own home.

The full range of 366 Concept furniture is now available through northhome.

See more details in their lookbook and product catalogue

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