Nordic Style and Design is on the Move

Scandinavian design is getting an upgrade! Think playful shapes, a burst of color, and a perfect blend of the classic and the contemporary. Get inspired for a 2024 home refresh.
Nordic Style and Design is on the Move

In 2024, our homes will be decorated in a more conscious, personalised, and multifunctional way. Unexpected combinations and a mix of decades and cultures are reflected in these 2024 interior design trends.

In 2024, Scandinavian design is evolving! While the clean lines and focus on functionality remain, bold colors, mixed textures, and a touch of the unexpected are revitalizing the aesthetic.

Let's explore the hottest Scandinavian interior design trends for this year.


Our homes are becoming our sanctuaries. Scandinavian design for 2024 answers our deep need for tactile experiences. Fluid shapes, inspired by nature, soothe the senses and promote a feeling of calm and well-being in our living spaces.

How to Get the Look

  • Ripple-effect glassware: Handblown vases and tumblers add flowing movement.
  • Curved-back accent chair: Choose a natural material like linen or rattan.
  • Pebble-shaped decorative objects: Smooth stone or wood pieces offer tactile appeal.


    Embrace warmth and comfort with the rise of rounded shapes in Scandi design. These inviting forms soften any space. For a touch of the unexpected, play with textures – a cozy knit throw paired with a sleek, minimalist vase.

    How to Get the Look

    • Rounded coffee table: Opt for a soft, inviting silhouette in wood or a high-gloss finish.
    • Curved ceramic planters: Display greenery in a playful, organic way.
    • Accent rug with a bubbly pattern: Add a touch of whimsy underfoot.


    Say goodbye to neutrals and hello to spaces that radiate personality. While cool blues have their place, this year, Scandinavian interiors are embracing the warmth of red and orange! From subtle terracotta accents to a statement piece in cherry red, these colors offer a playful twist on Scandi minimalism.

    How to Get the Look

    • Statement armchair in a bold red fabric: Create a cozy reading nook.
    • Red accent cushions: Scatter them on your sofa for a touch of vibrancy.
    • Striking red orange lamp: Make a focal point over your dining table.


    Anyone that's visited our store in Leeds will know we've long been a proponent of this. The 2024 Scandinavian trend towards personal, eclectic spaces is perfectly in line with our shop's philosophy. Here are some tips to achieve this look seamlessly:

    • Unify with Color: While mismatched pieces can work, create a sense of cohesion with a consistent color palette throughout the room.
    • Focus on Texture: Play with a variety of textures – woven throws, smooth ceramics, and plush rugs – to create visual interest.
    • Let Function Guide You: Ensure each piece serves a purpose and contributes to the overall functionality of the space.


    These exciting trends show how Scandinavian design is adapting for 2024. It's a beautiful blend of timeless simplicity with inviting warmth, bold touches, and an emphasis on personalized spaces. Scandinavian style remains a celebration of both comfort and vibrancy!

    Ready to make your home a reflection of this on-trend Scandi aesthetic? Visit us in Leeds or browse our site further to discover how to seamlessly incorporate these beautiful elements into your space. Our curated selection allows you to mix and match these trends to create a space that's uniquely you!

    All images in this blog post are courtesy of hkliving: no deeper reason for this other than they had the perfect picture for the point I was making. Keeping it simple 😊

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