Electric Musk Incense Sticks Electric Musk Incense Sticks
Electric Musk Incense Sticks £10.50
Electric because it packs a punch! Everything we love about the exotic musky perfumed scents of Egypt is captured in these gorgeous Egyptian Musk incense sticks. Each box contains 20 luxury sticks.
Indian Rose Incense Sticks Indian Rose Incense Sticks
Indian Rose Incense Sticks £10.00
Attract love & heal the heart with these Indian Rose incense sticks. Made with a masterful fusion of high-quality rose essential oils. Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.
Jaipur Joshi Incense Sticks Jaipur Joshi Incense Sticks
Jaipur Joshi Incense Sticks £12.50
Named after the renowned fortune- tellers (Joshi’s) of India who is said to bring good luck and good fortune. With its unique blend of amber, woods, musk, mint and spice, if there’s one thing we can predict, it’s going to be your love of this scent. Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.
Lotus Flower Incense Sticks Lotus Flower Incense Sticks
Lotus Flower Incense Sticks £13.50
Soft and long-lasting, our Lotus Flower incense sticks are elegantly made with lotus lily, florals and a drop of jasmine. The lotus flower often represents purity and divinity, being symbolic of Lakshmi, light this incense to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.
Orange Blossom & Lemongrass Incense Sticks Orange Blossom & Lemongrass Incense Sticks
Orange Blossom & Lemongrass Incense Sticks £10.50
Reminds us of the scent of summers spent around orange groves. These Orange Blossom & Lemongrass sticks have a soft orange, floral scent paired with bright lemongrass, which we find relaxing, but can see why people also find them revitalising; making these sticks perfect for burning anywhere, anytime. A firdaus style finish makes these sticks exotic in a way you’re going to love. Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.
Oudh Extreme Incense Sticks Oudh Extreme Incense Sticks
Oudh Extreme Incense Sticks £39.00
These sticks are soaked in the best of Oudh oils. Sparing no cost – the agarwood (oudh) used here is opulent, deep and sensual. It is carefully blended with a little nagarmotha, amber and pure Mysore sandalwood to keep it just shy from being ‘farmy’. Notes of violet, oakmoss and labdanum transform this stick into something so completely unique to the house of Temple of Incense, that it’s both a luxury, and a staple in your collection. Powerful during meditation and exploration of self but also, you’ll want to bring this out when you’re entertaining. Super-strength so you only need to burn a half at a time – if that. Each box contains 20 long-burning incense sticks with a minimum burn time of 45 mins per stick.
Oudh Incense Sticks Oudh Incense Sticks
Oudh Incense Sticks £17.50
The jewel in our crown and by far our favourite. These incense sticks truly capture the beauty of Oudh. The aroma that set the imagination of Middle Eastern poets and Sufi mystics aflame… Oudh is a resin released by the Aquilaria tree. Developing over many decades, Oudh is priced above rubies. This extremely high quality Oudh Agarwood incense is a true work of genius, its fragrance ethereal and complex. It is a unique scent with which oil-rich billionaires compete with each other as to who has the best Oudh – we firmly believe we have the best OUDH. Each box contains 20 luxury incense sticks.
Portobello Incense Sticks Portobello Incense Sticks
Portobello Incense Sticks £15.00
Portobello – Old School Meena Supreme. Traditional agarbatti with big staying power. Halmaddi rich. Full vanillin base. Gum Benzoin. Touch of Musk. Portobello was made as a tribute to both our beginnings, and to the rich history of incense in London. Years ago, there was a wonderful man named Happy Hari, who sold incense on Portobello road. His incense breathed old-school-free-hippie and it was just incredible. Not musty patchouli, not predictable Nag Champa, but real incense from travels in India. At that time, one of his favourite sticks was ‘Meena Supreme’. He famously called it the ‘jiggy-jiggy’ stick (you can think of the reasons why). It was deep, sensuous and in the first instance, perfect in its simplicity. Soon after we started our company, Happy Hari entrusted us with his, and taught us a lot of what we know now. The come-back of his ‘jiggy-jiggy’ stick is long overdue. It’s here, and reborn as ‘Portobello’ – named after Happy Hari’s favourite market, his home, and a place forever in our hearts as the origins of our journey. Each box contains 20 long-burning incense sticks with a minimum burn time of 1hr per stick.

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